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A tool for remote, web-based vision testing and psychophysical experiments
  • Visual stimuli and responses are transmitted over the web
  • Experimenter and subject are connected, in real-time
  • No registration or server setup required. All information is kept on personal computer
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An integrated platform to teach experimental programming methodology

  • Integrated debugging window help students learn programming through experiments
  • "Classroom mode" pushes instructor screen to all students
With growing digitalization, scientists are increasingly moving their experiments to online platforms.
remote20/20 is different from the rest:
examiners and participants are "remote, but connected"
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for digital psychophysics
  • Connect with known study participants
  • No data saved online (helps ethics approvals!)
  • No server setup or login required
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for home assessment
  • Researchers and clinicians can evaluate patient at home, using carefully calibrated stimuli
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for experimental methods instruction
  • Integrated tools aid learning by visualizing experimental parameters such as staircase thresholds.
  • Focus is on coding and precise visual stimuli using advanced techniques.
Who is using it
remote20/20 has been used for instruction and NIH-sponsored research at the following institutions: